Election 2023: Marama Davidson says National would have to do 'backwards turn' to work with Greens

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson says National has a lot of work to do if the two parties want to work together after this year's election.

It comes after the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll showed National and Labour are neck and neck with just five months to go until the election. 

The minor parties are also nip and tuck. ACT is at 10.8 percent while the Greens are holding steady at 8.1 percent.

While everything points to Labour and the Greens teaming up again at this year's election to form a coalition, Davidson said her party will work with anyone who has a strong focus on climate change. 

"Ultimately, it's up to the members but we welcome working with any party who wants strong action on climate," she told AM Early host Nicky Styris.

When pressed on if the Greens would work with the National Party, Davidson said it "would have to do a bit of a backwards turn… from where they have been pitching themselves".

"If they were able to come to us and agree on strong climate action, agree on helping the people out who are on the lowest and middle incomes, then maybe we could talk."

When asked if she would rule out working with the National Party, Davidson said that decision is up to the members of the Green Party. 

"The members have decided that it's about what the Green Party is offering for the people," Davidson told AM Early. "The more Green MPs that we have and this is what we are campaigning on, the better chance we have got to shape the direction of the next Government."

When asked if she is happy with how the Labour Government has dealt with issues over the past six years, Davidson said the Greens have been able to get "some stuff done" under them. 

"We also know that they've got to do more. We'd like to see far more public housing, we'd like to see free public transport.

"Those are the issues the Green Party has been consistent and clear on and the focus we want is for people to know what we stand for and that more Green MPs will help us get that stuff over the line." 

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson.
Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson. Photo credit: AM

The Newshub-Reid Research poll also showed neither Greens co-leaders Davidson or James Shaw feature in the preferred Prime Minister list, which was headed by Chirs Hipkins. 

Davidson said that didn't concern her, with her focus on being very clear with what the priorities are for the Greens. 

"We feel the bottom line is that it's up to voters on election night and the numbers will give a give an idea of where people consider putting their priorities," she said. "We are being really transparent, really consistent and really strong on what our priorities are and as I've talked about, climate, looking after people. 

"Very soon we will start launching those [policies] out so that people can see where our policies will be."

Watch the full interview with Marama Davidson in the video above.