Grant Robertson's $4 billion in savings ahead of Budget 'all borrowed money anyway', political commentator Barry Soper says

  • 12/05/2023

Finance Minister Grant Robertson's announcement he's found $4 billion in savings ahead of next week's Budget is "all borrowed money anyway", veteran Newstalk ZB political journalist Barry Soper says.

"It's not new money - it's not money that's lying there waiting to be picked up."

Soper appeared on AM's panel on Friday to discuss the Budget, which Robertson said on Thursday would be "balanced".

"[The Government] said 'no frills' - that's a line [that's] been used over many years," Soper said. "It'll be a social Budget… they can't be too extravagant - there won't be an election year lolly scramble."

Watch the full video for more.

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