How much taxpayer money Electoral Commission will give each party for Election 2023 advertising

The Electoral Commission has revealed which political parties will receive the most taxpayer funding to spend on election advertising this year.

Each party will get a share of just over $4.1 million, before tax, for election advertising on radio, television and online for the 2023 General Election. It is the same amount that was appropriated for the 2017 and 2020 elections.

As part of the Broadcasting Act 1989, the Electoral Commission determines the amount of funding each eligible party receives in accordance with the statutory criteria which includes the number of votes each party and its candidates received at the last general election, the number of MPs a party has, relationships between parties, indications of public support and "fair opportunity".

The Commission has decided to give Labour 30 percent of the pot, just under $1.25 million (including GST). National will receive 25 percent, just over $1 million.

ACT and the Greens will both receive 8.5 percent, which just over $352,000. Māori Party will receive 4.8 percent, just under $199,000.

The allocations (amounts are inclusive of GST).
The allocations (amounts are inclusive of GST). Photo credit: The Electoral Commission.

In the 2020 General Election, the National Party was allocated the most amount of funding of $1,285,182, followed by Labour with $1,202,267.

The New Zealand general election is set to be held on Saturday October 14, 2023.