Jenna Lynch Analysis: Newshub's picks for who could be the winner in Budget 2023

ANALYSIS: The Budget will be released at 2pm on Thursday - so who is going to be the winner?

It's an election year Budget so you need to please a lot of people.

The problem with any kind of cash payout, like we saw with the cost of living payment last year, is at the moment it's only going to make the pain households are feeling worse because more cash in the economy is likely to add to inflation woes.

So all speculation around tax cuts is being hosed down completely.

What the Government is more likely to do is try and reduce the cost of things for people.

I'm hearing there might be an extension to the food in schools programme, providing free lunches to more kids. That eases pressure on household budgets when food prices are through the roof.

But here's my pick for the big winner - families with young children.

Both sides have been trying to win over families with young children with cheaper early childhood education.

I'd look out for something like the Government extending 20 hours free early childhood education to younger kids.

ECE is expensive, so that would be a very popular policy. 

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.