Newshub-Reid Research poll reveals most Kiwis want recreational vaping banned as Health Minister considers options

Newshub can reveal the majority of New Zealanders want to make vaping prescription only, like Australia has.

The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll result comes as pressure piles on the Government to act.

Vaping is now such a problem for some high schools they're using CCTV cameras to track students and catch them in the act.

"Some have put in extra measures around particularly where students can gather and that's often toilet and refreshment areas," said Greg Pierce, the Auckland Secondary Schools Principals' Association president

Pierce, who's also the principal at Orewa College, said students themselves want to make it harder to get a vape. They know its a problem.

"The fact that its hard for young people in their own social group to walk away or overtly in front of others say 'you need to stop vaping, it's no good for your health'."

A recent study found 10 percent of year 10 students - that's 13-14-year-olds - were vaping daily. Some teens are so addicted they can't learn.

"I am particularly concerned about the harm we are seeing right now. That can range from young people having symptoms of having nicotine withdrawal so they're just really not focusing on their maths class quite the same," said pediatrician Dr Colette Muir.

Piece and Dr Muir want the Government to act.

"Let's make the decisions in New Zealand to really reduce the access for our youth to vaping," said Dr Muir.

They aren't the only ones. In the last month alone, Newshub's spoken to a cross-section of people demanding action, including students, health advocates, the Opposition, doctors, Auckland primary schools, and the Health Minister,

"It is illegal to sell to youths and disgusting to sell to six-year-olds and that's why we've ramped up our enforcement of retailers to make sure that isn't happening," said Health Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall.

Australia recently announced it will make vapes prescription only.

Newshub can reveal the majority of Kiwis want our Government to do the same.

In our latest Newshub Reid Research poll, we asked 'should we ban recreational vaping?'

The results show 27 percent said no, but a whopping 68 percent said yes, ban it. 

"I don't think any of us feel like the vaping policy settings at the moment are where they need to be," said Prime Minister Chris Hipkins.

The Health Minister said prescription-only vapes could be an option.

"Nothing's off the table... I certainly want to move tighten up vaping regulations and I'll have those proposals soon."

Soon can't come soon enough for all those sounding the alarm.