Prime Minister Chris Hipkins all but declines live AM cost of living debate with National leader Christopher Luxon

  • 09/05/2023

The Prime Minister has all but declined to appear on AM for a live cost of living debate after a cheeky request from host Ryan Bridge.

Bridge on Tuesday, during Chris Hipkins' weekly interview, challenged the Prime Minister to appear on the show for a debate with National leader Christopher Luxon about "bread and butter" issues after next week's Budget. 

"I know that you have sold yourself… as the king of 'bread and butter' issues in New Zealand - that is going to be the issue you are targeting as Prime Minister," Bridge said.

"I'm challenging you to come on and have a debate with Chris Luxon about the 'bread and butter' issues for our viewers, here on AM. Would you agree to do that?"

But Hipkins wasn't so keen on the idea.

"Nice try, Ryan," the Prime Minister responded. "As I indicated to you when you asked me when we were off-air just before, this isn't really the way we organise these sorts of debates."

Hipkins said there would be many debates in the lead-up to October's election.

"They're normally negotiated between the parties - I think we'll stick with that process," he concluded.

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