Stuart Nash donor communications review delayed, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins says

An investigation into communications between former Cabinet minister Stuart Nash and his donors has been delayed.

Nash was sacked from Cabinet in March over an email he had sent to a donor in 2020 which breached Cabinet confidentiality.

The inquiry, which would look into whether there had been actual or perceived conflicts of interest, was announced exactly two months ago on 29 March - and was expected to take two months.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said the Cabinet Secretary, who was conducting the inquiry, had asked for a couple more weeks to finalise the report and contact those whose communications had been reviewed.

Hipkins said he had deliberately kept out of the investigation, and had not received any updates on what the investigation might have found so far.

"I have no idea. I have not had any updates from the Cabinet Secretary in terms of what the review might be finding or anything like that."

He said he wanted to let the process run its course.