Ukraine invasion: President Volodymyr Zelenskiy 'grateful' for increased support from New Zealand, PM Chris Hipkins

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy is "grateful" for the support New Zealand and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins have provided Ukraine as Russia's invasion continues. 

The Government announced increased support for Ukraine on Wednesday, including extending its defence commitments, and humanitarian, legal and economic support. 

Zelenskiy said that the increased support from New Zealand brings Ukraine "closer to victory" in its war against Russia. 

"I am grateful to the Government of New Zealand and personally to Prime Minister @chrishipkins for the decision to expand assistance to Ukraine in the areas of defense, economy, humanitarian and legal support," Zelenskiy wrote on Twitter.  

"Special thanks for the decision to continue training Ukraine's military. We appreciate this support, which brings us closer to victory!" 

The New Zealand Government has committed to extending the deployment of 95 NZDF personnel training and supporting Ukrainian armed forces through to June 30 next year. 

Two additional NZDF personnel will be deployed to Poland to conduct space training programmes for members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

The Government is also providing $2m in humanitarian aid, $1.5 million for Ukrainian refugees, $500,000 towards a disaster response partnership and $1.3 million to the International Criminal Court's Office to ensure legal accountability and justice for victims in Ukraine.

The Government also announced further sanctions targeting a total of 18 entities and nine individuals supporting Russia's war against Ukraine.

It also comes after Hipkins had a "warm and insightful" phone call with Zelensky on Monday evening. 

"New Zealand steadfastly supports Ukraine and will continue to look for ways we can provide meaningful contributions," Hipkins said.