Video: Gigantic crowd turns out for Prime Minister Chris Hipkins in Papua New Guinea

  • 22/05/2023

A gigantic crowd of Papua New Guinea locals have turned out to see Prime Minister Chris Hipkins in Port Moresby.

Hipkins was at Gordon's Market, a complex funded by New Zealand, on Monday during his visit to the Pacific country.  

Hundreds of people bunched up and leaned over railings to see the New Zealand leader as he toured the market.

"We love New Zealand," one local told Newshub. "It's so close to us. New Zealand, we love them. Coming here, we are so happy about that. We love Prime Minister."

Another person told Newshub Hipkins coming to the market meant a lot.

Hipkins said it was a "great source of pride" for New Zealand to support the development of the market. He said it was a "great privilege and honour" to be there.

Watch the footage above.