Councillor Wayne Walker declares $3 million in Auckland Airport shares on day of sales vote

  • 08/06/2023

A third councillor has declared he has shares in Auckland Airport - on the same day they're set to vote on Mayor Wayne Brown's proposed budget.

Auckland Council is voting on its annual budget on Thursday, with Brown proposing to sell its shares in the city's airport.

Councillors were earlier asked to make sure they or their spouse didn't have any shares in the airport before partaking in the vote.

Albany councillor Wayne Walker has now told the NZ Herald his family own some shares in Auckland Airport.

Speaking to the Herald, he confirmed his late dad's estate - of which he is a beneficiary - contains a $3 million shareholding.

"I don't receive any income from the shares," Walker said.

His fellow councillors Chris Darby and Julie Fairey were other members to declare shares in Auckland Airport this week. Fairey is the wife of now-stood-down Transport Minister Michael Wood, who earlier failed to declare the shares and was asked 12 times by his Cabinet office about selling them - but didn't. 

The final version of Brown's plan was revealed last week and includes better funding for bus drivers, the arts, and social services as well as raising rates by 4.6 percent.

Elected officials have been mulling over the details, while a decision is yet to be made on how the votes of those councillors with individually held shares in the airport should be counted.