Election 2023: National's Christopher Luxon tours New Zealand, dances with students in TikTok video

Christopher Luxon has been filmed busting out his dance moves while touring the country as he hopes to win over voters for this year's election.

But while he may not have mastered the art of TikTok dancing, the Opposition leader claims National has got what it takes to "get NZ back on track".

On Friday, Luxon posted a video of him participating in a viral TikTok dance with Whanganui High School students.

The video shows Luxon and a group of students jumping side to side and waving their arms before he messes up the routine.

"No, no, no," Luxon remarked as the students erupted in laughter at the prime minister hopeful's lack of coordination.

"The students at Whanganui High School asked me to be in their TikTok. It was a hard dance but probably a harder watch…" Luxon captioned the video.

Something social media users agreed with.

"He started off ok but got found out he has no rhythm," one person commented.

"Man dances as good as his politics," said another.

"Gotta get that youth vote," a third commented.

Drumming up votes seemed to be the aim of National's tour around the country.

Visiting the school was a part of National's 'Get NZ Back on Track' tour which included a public meeting in Northcote, followed by visits to Queenstown, Alexandra, Whanganui and New Plymouth. 

Luxon said the tour was to enable National to put their case to change the Government directly to New Zealanders. 

"National will fix the economy by stopping wasteful spending, providing tax relief and delivering the skills, infrastructure and innovation New Zealand needs to thrive," Luxon said in a statement.

"A strong economy will let us deal with the cost-of-living crisis, lift incomes and afford the public services Kiwis deserve."

Luxon also hit out at Labour calling it the "coalition of chaos", a reference to when Labour referred to National and ACT as the "coalition of cuts".

"Labour is continuing to borrow and spend excessively and, as a result, inflation and interest rates will stay higher for longer, meaning no reprieve for Kiwis at the supermarket, at the petrol pump and in their mortgages," he said.

"National will be disciplined, making every taxpayer dollar count, and will get inflation under control. Every family will benefit."