Election 2023: New poll shows National, ACT holding lead to form next Government


The latest political opinion poll shows National and ACT could form the next Government.

The Taxpayers' Union-Curia Poll has National on 35.7 percent, Labour on 32.9 percent, and ACT unchanged on 12.7 percent.

The Greens see a bump in support, up 2.7 points to 9.7 percent.

Of the smaller parties, Te Pati Maori is at 3.5 percent and New Zealand First is on 1.6 percent.

Assuming all current electorates are held, National is unchanged on 46 seats, while Labour is down two seats to 42.

ACT is constant on 16 seats while the Greens pick up 3 seats to 12.

The Te Pati Maori is down one seat to four.

The combined projected seats for the centre-right is unchanged on last month at 62 seats allowing them to form a Government in the October 14 general election.

The centre-left bloc of Labour, Te Pati Maori and the Greens is also unchanged at 58.

On net favourability, Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has dropped 3 points to 19 percent net favourability. National leader Christopher Luxon still remains underwater with a -2 percent favourability, but is up five points from the previous poll.

Curia's poll in May showed National at 35.6, Labour at 33.8, ACT at 12.7 and the Greens at 7 percent.