Far-right conspiracy theorist Avi Yemini allowed entry into New Zealand after originally being denied

  • 29/06/2023
Avi Yemini.
Avi Yemini. Photo credit: Getty Images

Far-right conspiracy theorist Avi Yemini will be allowed into New Zealand after being denied from entering the country last year. 

Immigration New Zealand general manager Richard Owen said Yemini was prevented from travelling to Aotearoa in September "as we were aware of character concerns that he had not disclosed".

"Mr Yemini was told at the time that to be considered [for] entry into New Zealand, he would need to apply for a visa through the usual visa application process. He would need to supply a police certificate with his application.

"This is the standard practice that Immigration New Zealand follows in such circumstances."

Yemini subsequently applied for a visitor visa, Owen said.

During the assessment of Yemini's application, "his previous convictions were considered in full and it was determined that he could be granted a visitor visa in April 2023", Owen added.

Yemini, based in Melbourne, is a contentious figure who works for Canada's Rebel News - a site accused of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories

When he was first denied entry into New Zealand, Yemini alleged it was because he was questioning the Government and the media - but it was actually because of his criminal conviction. Yemini was convicted and fined for assaulting and harassing his ex-wife in 2019. 

At a demonstration in London in 2018, Yemini labelled himself as "the world's proudest Jewish Nazi" - comments he later said were made in "jest". 

After learning he could now enter New Zealand, Yemini wrote on Twitter: "Kiwi authorities messed with the WRONG rebel.

"What more appropriate place could you think of to kick off my official book launch tour than the censorship capital of the world that FAILED to ban me?"

Yemini planned to visit Auckland and Wellington next month.