Jenna Lynch: Chris Hipkins may be starting to dread election day

ANALYSIS: Bread and butter is toast.

Michael Wood has handed Prime Minister Chris Hipkins another hospital pass.

Hipkins must feel like he is on some sick carnival ride bouncing from blunder to shambles to debacle.

He looked ashen, bamboozled as the rest of us at why Wood never took this seriously. Wood is roundly viewed as a diligent, intelligent, hard-working minister.

His job was on the line and he got more warning shots across the bow than is imaginable in politics and he ignored them. 

Hipkins has piled Wood's jobs on his senior ministers. It's not worth bothering you with who because at this rate they could change by next week. It's hard to keep up, it's chaos.

The best we can expect those ministers to do at this point is not screw up. They're in caretaker roles until election day.

It's a day that Hipkins may be starting to dread. 

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.