National leader Christopher Luxon appears to have claimed Clean Car Discount on new Tesla

Newshub can reveal Christopher Luxon's family recently upgraded to a Tesla Model Y and it appears they have claimed the Clean Car Discount on it. 

The Government introduced a $8625 discount on electric vehicles to drive uptake in 2021. 

Luxon has been under pressure to reveal whether or not he accessed the subsidy to buy a Tesla Model 3. 

He previously revealed his ownership of the Model 3 on both AM and Three's 7Days, but last week backtracked and said his wife owned a Tesla, not him. 

Now Newshub has confirmed the family no longer owns the Model 3 and has upgraded to a Model Y. 

We ran the number plate through the Clean Car Discount website.

It popped up with a message that says, "We've already received a rebate application for this vehicle."

Newshub asked Luxon on Tuesday how many times his family had claimed the Clean Car Discount.

"I am not aware," Luxon replied. "My wife owns a Tesla… I use it occasionally… my wife owns a Tesla and it's not any of your business."

Luxon has been excoriating the Government's Clean Car Discount with the National Party repeatedly highlighting that wealthy Tesla owners are benefiting from the scheme. 

"We have got a situation at the moment where we have got a Government that is taxing people with utes and there is no alternative and actually subsidising wealthy Tesla drivers by giving them subsidies," said Luxon on AM in November.