Political drama over golf balls at Fieldays

There's a political drama over sets of golf balls at Fieldays.

Groundswell, a farm protest group, was selling golf balls with the faces of the Prime Minister and other ministers on them at the annual Mystery Creek event on Wednesday.

"Drive Labour out - golf balls. The golf balls you won't mind putting in the bunker," advertising for the golf balls said.

The group said it had about 500 sets of the "special edition" golf balls and they were "selling well". 

Newshub's been told someone monitoring Labour's stall at Fieldays complained about the golf balls to the event organisers. 

"We have been told to remove them! Some people have no sense of humour and are too easily offended," Groundswell said in a Facebook post.

The Prime Minister's Office told Newshub that Chris Hipkins wasn't aware that an issue had been raised, nor did he have any issue with the golf balls being sold.

Groundswell is known for its 'Mother of All Protests' demonstrations in 2021 which saw farmers take to the streets in their tractors. The group has voiced opposition to the Clean Car Discount and Three Waters reforms amongst other things. 

After a separate protest last year, Agriculture Minister Damien O'Connor called the small turnout "embarrassing". The group said that comment was "shameful".

Last year, Groundswell presented a petition asking the Government to stop its agricultural emissions pricing plan. However, it was called at odds with the rest of the sector.