Video: Protesters removed from Auckland Council budget meeting after outcry against sales, council cuts

Two protesters have been removed from Auckland Council's budget meeting on Friday, as the partial sale of airport shares looks increasingly likely.

The pair identified themselves as Brooke Pao Stanley and Agnes Magele of Auckland Action Against Poverty.

The latest proposal would see 7 percent of airport shares sold to help fill a $325 million budget shortfall.

The pair interrupted the meeting, vocal in their opposition against both share sales and council cuts. They suggested the council use debt to cover the shortfall.

A relatively placid meeting shifted up a gear not long after lunch as Mayor Wayne Brown again altered his proposal to a 7 percent sale.

That attracted fierce resistance from Alf Filipaina and Lotu Fuli, who later accompanied the protestors out of the council chamber, before returning.

Despite opposition, Mayor Brown does look to have the votes for a proposal significantly different to his initial budget floated on Thursday morning.