Government injects $73m into Nelson Hospital for much-needed facelift

The Government is injecting $73 million into Nelson Hospital to give it a much-needed facelift.

It's part of a wider $1 billion redevelopment plan to replace the hospital's aging buildings and facilities. But construction will take up to 10 years to complete.

Nelson Hospital is in dire condition, its buildings old and frail.

"The facilities are older and it's hard to care for patients here, the ventilation is not the standard we expect today," said Dr Ayesha Verrall.

So the Health Minister finally has a cure.

"Today I'm happy to announce an initial $73 million investment towards Nelson Hospital's redevelopment," Dr Verrall said.

The funds will enable work to start on a new acute services and inpatient building. It'll feature 255 beds, eight theatres and a larger emergency department. The redevelopment will also seismically strengthen existing buildings.

"This is just the start of a large-scale redevelopment on this site that will likely cost around a billion dollars and be completed in phases over the next 10 years," Dr Verrall said.

But construction isn't expected to start until 2025, which the local mayor says goes against what the Government earlier promised.

"There was a categorical assurance from the Government that construction would begin in this term of Government and that's not being met, so it's disappointing," Nelson Mayor Nick Smith said.

Though former National MP Smith remains optimistic.

"We just want it to occur as quickly as possible and have a hospital that's fit for purpose," he said.

"The people of Nelson deserve a modern, fit-for-purpose hospital and I'm proud the Government is committed to that," Dr Verrall said.

Nelson Hospital finally getting the life support it so clearly needs.