Jenna Lynch analysis: Can Labour come back from the latest Kiri Allan scandal?

ANALYSIS: Can Labour come back from the latest Kiri Allan developments? The hill it was stumbling up toward election day just morphed into Mt Everest. 

The Government has a world of work ahead of it in commanding the confidence of the public. It has been bogged down in personnel problems. 

This is obviously different to the rest as this was a personal problem, and there will be a degree of sympathy for Kiri Allan's situation - but that doesn't stop it from spilling into politics.

But National cannot count its chickens. Election campaigns are unpredictable and anything could happen between now and October 14.

National leader Christopher Luxon's also missed the mark by politicising this and saying people need clinical signoff to come back to work after mental health episodes.

That's a dangerous message to send as we are encouraging people to be more open to talking more about their mental health. 

In saying all that, a Justice Minister resigning after being charged with a criminal offence is a devastating blow.

If Labour loses, this may be the day that people point to as the moment it all fell apart.

The moment the hill became too steep. 

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.