Jenna Lynch analysis: Chris Hipkins is struggling to straddle being Prime Minister, Labour leader

ANALYSIS: List rankings are always very fraught exercises with delicate political egos involved.

Add to that, this is the largest-ever Labour caucus and deep down they have to know that some of them are going to lose their jobs on October 14.

But this didn't leak ahead of time and a lot of it would not have come as a surprise. 

That's a sign of good political expectation management.

But where Labour is failing on that front is policy. 

They've got a slogan, they've got a list, but no one knows what the heck they're going to do if they're re-elected. 

Chris Hipkins is struggling to straddle his two jobs, Prime Minister and Labour leader. 

That led to all sorts of tangles on Monday. 

He failed to commit to two key transport pledges: light rail in Auckland and Let's Get Wellington Moving.

Labour needs some runs on the board in the policy space.

Newshub is told they're coming within the next fortnight.

Tax and transport would be good places to start to get them back on the front foot. 

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.