Labour leaking: MPs fend off questions of disunity as source speaks out on Kiri Allan aftermath

Labour is fending off questions of disunity after a leak out of their caucus meeting. 

Newshub has been told a junior Labour MP spoke up in caucus on Tuesday about being yelled at by Kiri Allan.

New footage - seemingly taken in the immediate aftermath of Sunday night's Allan crash - shows the surface damage done.

The political scars go much deeper. Allan lost her career over the crash.

And now, Labour's sprung a leak. 

"It is an anonymous source that has supposedly leaked, so I am not going to speak to that," said deputy Prime Minister Carmel Sepuloni. 

Labour ministers were fending off questions of disunity after a leak out of their caucus meeting.

That's breaking the first rule of caucus.

"I don't talk about anything that happens in caucus," said Grant Robertson. 

"I would never talk about what happens in caucus. Never do and am not starting now," said David Parker. 

Newshub has confirmed with a caucus source there was an open and robust discussion about Allan at Tuesday's caucus meeting and one Labour MP spoke up about being yelled at by Allan.

"I don't speak to anonymous sources and anonymous assertions around what was discussed in caucus. Caucus discussions are confidential," said Sepuloni. 

"I am not going to go into what was discussed in caucus," said Jenny Salesa.

"I am very surprised to hear there has been a leak," said Kieran McAnulty. 

"I don't talk about anything that happens in caucus," said Robertson.

Asked if he was surprised to hear that the first-term MP had been yelled at by Allan, McAnulty replied: "I'm not going to answer that because we have discussions in caucus that are confidential and just because someone else may have spoken out of school doesn't mean I'm going to." 

Most in Labour hosed the leak down, but former whip McAnulty was telling it like it is. 

"It's actually quite a serious thing and I'm disappointed to hear that it's happened," he said.

There was no disappointment on the Opposition benches, with deputy National leader Nicola Willis teasing Labour in Parliament about leaks in its caucus. 

"It's a bit like a hole in a balloon really, it all comes out," said former National leader Judith Collins. 

Collins would know.

Jenna Lynch Analysis

Little leaks can quickly turn into huge political problems, but Newshub's been told by caucus sources there are no late-night meetings talking of troubles and there is solid support around Chris Hipkins as leader. 

Newshub is told he's running a more robust style of meetings with more open discussion than his predecessor, Dame Jacinda Ardern, and that people are still optimistic and still very much feel like they're in it to win it this election.