The five ministers Labour has lost in 2023

Kiri Allan's sudden departure as a minister means Labour has now lost five ministers this year.

Allan resigned from her ministerial portfolios after she was involved in a car crash on Evans Bay Parade in Wellington shortly after 9pm on Sunday. She was taken to the Wellington Central Police Station before being released at about 1am.

She was charged with careless use of a motor vehicle and refusing to accompany a police officer, and will appear in court at a later date. Allan was also issued an infringement notice for excess breath alcohol between 250 and 400mcg.

She's become the fifth minister from the Labour Party this year who's left their post. 

Here are the other four Labour ministers who, for one reason or another, no longer hold ministerial portfolios.

Dame Jacinda Ardern

Former Prime Minister Dame Jacinda Ardern announced in January she would stand down ahead of the election.

At the time, she said she didn't "have enough in the tank" to make it through this year and then another three years if she was reelected.

Chris Hipkins took over as Prime Minister later that month.

Stuart Nash

Stuart Nash was sacked from his ministerial positions in March after he discussed confidential Cabinet discussions with his donors.

Nash emailed business figures in 2020 about his disappointment at a Cabinet decision on a commercial rent relief package.

He also resigned as Police Minister earlier that same month after admitting he once rang the Police Commissioner to suggest he appeal a court judgement.

A day later, it emerged Nash had also once nearly faced a contempt charge after going on the radio and saying the killer of slain police officer Matthew Hunt should receive a lengthy sentence.

Furthermore, Hipkins demoted Nash and placed him on a final warning after it came to light that Nash had used inappropriate processes to advocate on an immigration case.

Meka Whaitiri

Meka Whaitiri blindsided her colleagues in May when she defected from the Government to join Te Pāti Māori. 

She hadn't even told Hipkins of her plans, but Whaitiri said at the time: "He will have seen the announcement that I've made."

Michael Wood

Former Transport Minister Michael Wood resigned in June after further undeclared shareholdings surfaced that presented a conflict of interest.

He only started declaring these to the public register last year and he didn't correct previous registers.

Wood later sold his airport shares, receiving more than $16,000 for this, and donated the total amount to charity.