Chris Hipkins won't budge on revealing if concerns were raised about Kiri Allan by any of his MPs amid new revelations

Chris Hipkins still won't reveal if any of his MPs raised previous concerns about now-former Justice Minister Kiri Allan.

It comes after a Stuff report on Tuesday revealed an additional three public agencies flagged concerns about working relationships in Allan's office. 

Those allegations come after the Department of Conservation confirmed in June a staffer seconded to Allan's office chose to leave more than a year ago due to those concerns, while a public servant from the National Emergency Management Agency also raised concerns. 

Allan, who was away on mental health leave when those allegations came to light, resigned last month after she was involved in a car crash in Wellington and subsequently charged with careless use of a motor vehicle and refusing to accompany a police officer. While still in Parliament, Allan had rejected allegations about mistreatment of staff - saying no formal complaints had been made.

Under questioning from AM host Ryan Bridge on Tuesday, Prime Minister Hipkins refused to say whether any of his MPs raised concerns about Allan's behaviour towards staff.

"I don't go into disclosing any issues that individual caucus members raise," Hipkins said.

"As I indicated when all of this emerged about three or four weeks ago now, I was satisfied, at that point, that any issues that had been raised with me had been satisfactorily resolved."

The Prime Minister, referring to Tuesday's Stuff report, said it shouldn't be a "kangaroo court".

"If you look at what's actually alleged, the thing that seems to have been alleged… in the Stuff story this morning is that Kiri Allan has given very robust feedback to public officials."

Hipkins said he believed that was the job of ministers, therefore it "doesn't necessarily mean" Allan "has done anything wrong there".

"Now, if she's done that in a way that is inappropriate, then there's an avenue for people to raise those concerns with me, as Prime Minister," he told AM.

He noted, however, no public servants had raised concerns with him.

Hipkins also said the new details from Tuesday's revelations pre-dated his Prime Ministership.

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