Countdown to election 2023: The latest polling, preferred Prime Minister

  • 02/08/2023



How the major parties are polling - results from Newshub-Reid Research polls. 


Projected seats

How the polls would translate into seats in Parliament. 


Who voters want to run the country 

New Zealanders preference for the top job. 


How is the poll conducted?

Reid-Research has been conducting Newshub's polling since 2009 using a trusted scientific methodology.

The sample size is 1000 eligible voters. Currently, about half of the respondents are interviewed by phone (mobile & landline) and the other half are interviewed online. 

A representative cross-section of the population by age, gender and geography is ensured through quota sampling and weighting.

Telephone numbers for participants are randomly generated. Multiple calls are made to each phone number over different days before the number is substituted - unless someone chooses not to participate.

Since 2017, online data collection has also been used for our polling. Respondents for online interviews are sourced from one of several Online Research Companies’ Panels which comply with the ESOMAR guidelines for online research. 

To correct for non-response in any of the quota sampling variables, the data is weighted based on Statistics New Zealand’s population counts.

The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.1%.

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