Election 2023: Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson says 'very unlikely' members will consider National alliance

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson says party members are "very unlikely" to consider a National Party alliance because they're "heading in the opposite direction".

Latest polling numbers show National has pushed well ahead of Labour with a National-ACT alliance sitting on 64 seats. But a National-Green alliance would also deliver a comfortable majority of 63 seats. 

On Wednesday, Davidson joined AM Early and said that her party is offering Kiwis strong climate action, free dental care paid for by a wealth tax and an income guarantee - which she says is far from what National is offering. 

"National are going in the opposite direction, they want to open up more fossil fuel drilling and exploration. They are even just yesterday continuing to whip up divisiveness and fear and ignorance against the communities that we want to help," she said.

"It's very unlikely that our members will choose to consider anything that the National Party is putting up."

Davidson made clear she's "not refusing" to work with National, but right now is focused on what her party can offer to Kiwis. 

"If people want they can put us in a position to not have to work with any political parties that are throwing up disguised racism and disguised classism and instead, put the Greens with the most political influence over the direction of the next Government."

Davidson said the Green Party have made it clear to the public that their hopes are to "form the most progressive Government that this country has seen".

The Greens and National working together aren't completely foreign, in 2008 both parties had a memorandum of understanding, which saw the Green Party take some wins. One was 320,000 homes being insulated.

"The Greens are able to get enduring change in place. That warmers homes initiative has continued through successive Government and extended," Davidson told AM Early 

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