Election 2023: The Labour MPs at risk of losing their seats on Newshub-Reid Research poll results

ANALYSIS: The latest Newshub-Reid Research poll results, were they to come true on October 14, would mean devastation for the Labour Party.

It would be nothing short of a bloodbath for its current caucus. 

The result for Labour on this week's Newshub-Reid Research poll is the exactly same as it received back in November, prior to Jacinda Ardern's resignation. 

Labour was entitled to 65 seats after the 2020 contest, but on the poll results would mean it would have just 42 next term.

On Newshub's predictions - and we’ve been quite generous with Labour in electorate seats - there are a large number of current Labour MPs that are at risk.

They include:

  • Shanan Halbert

  • Glen Bennett

  • Vanushi Walters

  • Dan Rosewarne

  • Naisi Chen

  • Anahila Kanongata'a

  • Angela Roberts

  • Tamati Coffey

  • Anna Lorck

  • Angie Warren-Clark

  • Liz Craig

  • Terisa Ngobi

  • Sarah Pallet

  • Soraya Peke-Mason

Many of these MPs rode the red wave at the 2020 election into Parliament, but now the tide is going out. 

To be fair to Labour, the party was always going to lose some of their largest ever caucus.

The last election result was unprecedented, but that just shows how far they’ve fallen.

In three short years, Labour has frittered away its massive mandate.  

The party does have some ammo in its back pocket as it hasn’t announced any election policy yet.

But as it stands, Labour’s reset earlier this year has been wasted. It needs a reboot to get itself back in the game. 

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.