Former Green MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere comes out swinging in tell-all interview, reveals which former colleague hurt her most

Former Green Party MP Dr Elizabeth Kerekere has gone out swinging from her political career, taking aim at the co-leaders, her colleagues and old friends.

"I just want to put the record straight from my point of view," she told Newshub on Wednesday.

She fell out with her Green colleagues after that infamous text to the group chat during one of Chlöe Swarbrick's speeches.

"OMG what a crybaby," the message said. 

Asked whether the text was about Swarbrick, Dr Kerekere said: "No." 

"I sent that message, I thought to my wife. And I looked at it again and I said to myself, 'Stop being a crybaby'."

The Greens co-leaders have said they don't buy this.

"Calling us liars is absolutely ridiculous," Marama Davidson said. 

After the message mess-up, Dr Kerekere was labelled a "mean girl" by anonymous staffers.

She denied she was a bully.

"Definitely not a bully." 

An employment process was kicked off. Dr Kerekere quit before it got underway.

"If there was behaviour that I was doing that was upsetting somebody, that should have been brought to my attention."

Newshub's been told before the bullying allegations a mediator was already working with Dr Kerekere. She says that was because she broke COVID-19 lockdown rules.

"It wasn't a mediation it was a facilitation. So it was just a way to have a conversation with us and the co-leader," she said.

Newshub asked which co-leader that was.

"That was with Marama," Dr Kerekere responded. 

That relationship got worse over crybaby-gate.

"The co-leaders never sat down to talk to me about what happened and none of my former colleagues have contacted me since," she said. 

One former friend in particular hurts. 

"I think the biggest loss will be Jan Logie, I've known her for 30 years and so I just don't know how we got to this point." 

Asked if she had thrown Logie under the bus, Dr Kerekere responded: "That was not my intention. That's not my intention at all, to throw anyone under the bus actually."

Her old workmates likely don't agree. 

"We wish her well today for her valedictory," said Davidson.