Jenna Lynch analysis: National tax plan announcement is masterclass in political marketing

ANALYSIS: National's tax plan announcement is a masterclass in political marketing.

National's taken what in reality is a $25-a-week tax cut for most middle earners, doubled it for couples, doubled it into a fortnight and smashed their childcare credit in there and all of a sudden $25 turns into $250 for the billboards. 

While $20 is not enough to buy a vote in this economy - all the focus groups tell them so - when you can offer $250 - boomfa - that's massive money. Genius.

The selling strategy doesn't end here. Newshub understands National's whipped up a fancy QR code system for their volunteers to take doorknocking so people can on the spot scan it to calculate how much money they'll get from this plan. 

Labour was low energy on Wednesday. This knocked them around. They were hoping to dig up a fiscal hole, but their shovelling so far has turned up little.

But Labour's still got some cost of living cards to play. Its campaign launch is on Saturday and the pressure could not be more on.  

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.