Video: Christopher Luxon's press conference hijacked by heckler

National leader Christopher Luxon's outdoor press conference at Pakuranga, Auckland has been hijacked by a Freedoms NZ supporter.

The man leaned over a fence as Luxon was speaking to reporters.

"We haven't seen you in Otara, Mr Luxon," the man said.

Luxon asked the man to be "respectful" and allow him to speak to media.

The man said he was being respectful.

"Will the real Mr Chris Luxon please stand up? You say you are a Christian, but you are not changing anything with abortion. You are not doing anything with transgender."

Luxon said he would speak to the man later, but that didn't stop him.

It forced Luxon and National MP Simeon Brown to move inside.

"Sir, I know you are going to be the next Prime Minister so our communities want to hold you to account," the man said as they walked off.

When the press conference reconvened inside, Luxon said: "Apologies for the delay there guys and thank you for your patience".

The National leader was taking questions on whether he would rule out New Zealand First when it happened. He continued to refuse to give a position.

Labour's Chris Hipkins on Sunday confirmed his party would not work with Winston Peters following the October 14 election.

In some recent polling, NZ First has been above the 5 percent threshold which is needed to get into Parliament. 

Hipkins had his own encounter with Freedoms NZ supporters in Auckland recently.

Earlier this month when attending the Ōtara Flea Market, Hipkins was mobbed and heckled by some of the party's supporters.

Watch Monday's press conference with National's leader above.