Amelia Wade analysis: National got tax treaties advice two days after announcing foreign buyer tax policy

ANALYSIS: Newshub asked for National's legal advice for its foreign buyer tax and the party sent us to Robin Oliver, who used to be the deputy commissioner at IRD.

He said National's plan stacks up. He said you can get around our agreements with other countries and tax foreign nationals so long as they're not residents and already paying tax here.

What Oliver also told Newshub is that he first spoke to National about this on Friday - two days after they released this plan and when they were already under fire for looking at breaking tax treaties.

Clearly, National has been caught on the back foot and is scrambling to provide evidence it should have gathered before announcing its policy, which makes it look like the party gunning to be the Government has been blindsided by international laws.

Amelia Wade is a senior Newshub political reporter.