Election 2023: Labour announces $81.6 million rebate scheme for energy-efficient homes

  • 08/09/2023
Here's how it will work.
Here's how it will work. Photo credit: Image - Getty Images

If re-elected to Government the Labour Party will introduce household rebates for energy-efficient homes, costing $81.6 million over three years. 

On Friday, Labour Spokesperson for Building and Construction and Energy and Resources Megan Woods announced the multi-million-dollar rebate policy, which she says will decrease energy demands and "therefore emissions". 

The three-year rebate pilot will include:  

  • Rebates of up to $18,000 for deep retrofit of an existing home  
  • Up to $7000 for partial retrofits like double glazing and insulation 
  • Up to $3000 for households who move off gas and electrify  

Woods said the rebate scheme will reduce emissions, bring down household energy bills, build demand for deep retrofits and create more jobs. 

"Warmer, dryer homes have massive potential to help decrease energy demands, and therefore emissions, especially when you swap out gas appliances." 

The program will allow owners who undertake a deep retrofit, full insulation upgrade or electrification of their home to rebate on some of the costs of the changes made.  

She said a deep retrofit aims to achieve greater energy efficiency by making changes across an entire home – compared to conventional retrofit which usually focuses on an isolated upgrade like ventilation or insulation.  

A homeowner who undertakes a deep retrofit will be eligible for a rebate of 30 percent of the total cost – up to $18,000.  

Woods said for many homes across the motu, a deep retrofit may not be needed if the home already runs on electricity – she said those homes will be eligible for an insulation rebate of up to $7000.  

She said moving homes in Aotearoa away from gas and to electricity has the possibility of reducing our annual emissions by around 250,000 tonnes.  

"That’s the equivalent of taking over 92 thousand cars off the road. Up to $3,000 will be provided to households to move off gas entirely," she said.  

“Energy efficiency is often called the ‘first fuel’ in clean energy transitions, providing some of the quickest and most cost-effective emissions reductions while lowering household energy bills and strengthening energy security. These rebates make energy efficiency a possibility for everyday Kiwi homeowners." 

Labour says the scheme will be funded from the Climate Emergency Response Fund.