Election 2023: Labour under fire for numerous examples of misinformation, Greens' James Shaw edits social media to correct study history

Labour's under fire for a number of its candidates - and current MPs - spreading misinformation about the other side's policies.

Newshub can reveal leader Chris Hipkins has given his team a telling off after we showed him examples of their post-truth politics.

Hipkins met Pepper the Robot on Wednesday, an artificially intelligent humanoid. But it's not artificial intelligence causing problems for Labour - it's artificial facts.

Asked if he was committed to a completely honest and clean campaign, Hipkins said he was and asked if there were any particular issues that Newshub wanted to raise.

Well, there are a few. 

Labour MP Willie Jackson got carried away at a debate on Tuesday night, claiming National and ACT would abolish the minimum wage. 

"They'll get rid of the minimum wage," he said.

Hipkins said his Labour MP had "in the heat of the moment, chose a form of words that was incorrect". 

"He corrected it at the time... He admitted that was wrong. It was a heat of the moment debate and he said something wasn't true and he openly acknowledged that he had said something that wasn't true."

But his initial correction was wrong too. He said the two parties would "lower the minimum wage". 

When it was put to Hipkins that Jackson's initial correction was just to make another claim that National and ACT would "lower the minimum wage", the Labour leader said, in real terms, not increasing the minimum wage was "effectively a lowering of the minimum wage".

Hipkins said, "Everybody knows Willie is a very passionate person".

ACT leader David Seymour called it "misinformation" and said ACT wouldn't lower the minimum wage. National leader Christopher Luxon also confirmed the party wouldn't abolish or lower the minimum wage. 

Jackson later clarified to Newshub that he had meant to say National and ACT wouldn't raise the minimum wage

Jackson's not the only one dealing in alternative facts. 

In a Facbook post Andrew Little said National and Act would flog off the schools and sack all the teachers.

Luxon denied that's what National would do.

Hipkins said he hadn't seen the comment.

So Newshub showed him and he said he would go away and have a look at it and have a conversation with him about it.

"But certainly, I think we should make sure the statements we are making stack up."

Luxon said Labour is "incredibly desperate".

"They will say and do anything they can to try and win an election."

Newshub was later told Hipkins requested that Andrew Little remove his post.

But wait there's more.

On Labour MP Shanan Halbert's Facebook, someone commented National would decrease sick leave to five days. 

Halbert said that was correct, but National has committed to keeping sick leave at 10 days.

Hipkins said he was happy to look at it.

Following Newshub's questions on Wednesday, Newshub understands Hipkins sent out a riot Act reminder to all candidates to stick to the facts, telling them there's plenty of proper policy to attack of the other side. 

The Greens co-leader needed to go look at his socials too to correct his study history.

Asked if he had a Bachelor of Arts, Shaw said he didn't.

So why did his LinkedIn say he did?

"I haven't looked at my LinkedIn in years," he said.

"I will take a look at it, but ultimately, when I put that stuff on my LinkedIn I put the dates I was there studying towards a BA, but I have always been very open, I have joked about it quite a lot, that my qualification for this job is that I am a middle-class white guy with half a degree in world religions."

On Wednesday afternoon, the social media account was edited to note that he did not complete the degree.