Election 2023: National leader Christopher Luxon's children William and Olivia speak at campaign launch

  • 03/09/2023

The children of Christopher Luxon have taken the stage at National's campaign launch on Sunday to speak about their dad on Father's Day.

William and Olivia introduced Christopher - "who we know as dad" -  and started off with a joke about their father's baldness.

"I know you're wondering where our thick red hair came from. It was clearly not dad, even when he did sport a full head of hair," William said.

The pair then set out their father's good qualities: "He is principled and trustworthy. Compassionate and honest. He is the smartest person I know with a great sense of humour," they said.

"He is incredibly hard-working and driven by a passion to make things better for people and this country.

"How do we know this? Because the man that we love and call dad is the same person that you know. There is no difference between the public and the private person

"As kids when dad walked through the door, no matter what had gone on in his day, he was fully present for us. As we grew up, we realised he was like this for everyone - not just us."

They joked there were times they wished he wasn't so interested in everyone else - such as when they've been left in the car while their father talks to someone.

"You see, dad listens - he really listens, and you know your thoughts and opinions are valued by him," William said.

"Dad has constantly taught us about what is important in life - and that is people, and that we must use our skills and talents to help others," Olivia added.

"Dad lives by his belief that the sum of a person's life can be judged by how much they've contributed and dad's move to politics is ultimately the expression of the importance of public service to him," William finished.

William and Olivia Luxon.
William and Olivia Luxon. Photo credit: Newshub

Olivia noted the pair spent much of their childhood overseas, however they've "always been Kiwis" and New Zealand is their home.

"Our dad is an amazing father and we are lucky to have him as our dad and we know he will make a great prime minister," she said.

"We hope that he and National get the opportunity to lead and so we say to you all - good luck with the campaign," the pair said together.