Election 2023: National's candidate 'not worried' about ACT as Brooke van Velden vies for strong blue seat

With 23 days to go until the general election, the battle is on for the Tāmaki electorate and National's candidate is "not worried at all" as ACT vies for the strong blue seat.   

The Tāmaki electorate has been held by National for all but two terms. Its candidate Simon O'Connor has held it since 2011.   

Labour's Tāmaki candidate Fesaitu Solomone, ACT's candidate Brook van Velden and National's O'Connor joined AM on Wednesday as the clock ticks until the general election.   

While packed in a room mostly filled with ACT supporters, van Velden said she's loved the election campaign so far which has seen "so many local people coming on board".  

AM's Ryan Bridge said he spoke to a local who told him they were going to vote for ACT, but believes she needs to consolidate behind National instead.  

When asked if van Velden was concerned about a shift on the right, away from ACT, she answered; "No, not at all".  

"I'm asking people to give me their candidate vote, and they're willing to support the party of their choice with the party vote. And that message has been going around strong and clear that if you'd like to support a particular political party, use your party to do that. Vote for the local candidate as your candidate."  

Van Velden, ACT's deputy leader, said the party's internal polling shows she and O'Connor are neck and neck in Tāmaki – O'Connor told AM this election is "more do" than die "because we're not going to die".  

"This has been a great seat, I've worked exceptionally hard here 12 years."  

When asked if O'Connor was worried about ACT, he said he's not.  

"No, never complacent, but not worried at all."  

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