Election 2023: National vows to boost immigration to help New Zealand economy

Labour says National's plan to let foreign buyers back in to buy wealthy homes will make it harder for Kiwis to buy homes. 

But Christopher Luxon's standing by his policy and vowing to boost immigration to get New Zealand out of recession. 

Luxon floats in a boat because Luxon really wants your vote.

The National leader was on a crash course of Queenstown's top attractions. 

He announced a new great walk.

"We will create a new 80km great walk at Waiatoa, Molesworth in Canterbury," Luxon said. 

Luxon was in New Zealand's tourism capital promising the sector a boost by increasing the working holiday visa age from 30 to 35 and allowing for migrants to re-apply for that visa up to three times. 

"Migration does have huge tax benefits for us. It does have economic multiplier effects," Luxon said.

National's hoping their tourism promises will make a splash but it's actually their hope of bringing back foreign buyers which is making waves here. A number of people Newshub spoke said they didn't want to see foreign buyers back and said housing was already too expensive.

Queenstown is in the grip of an acute housing crisis. People are sleeping in cars and already the average house price is $1.6 million. 

It's nudging against the $2m price tag which would allow foreign buyers back under National with a 15 percent tax. 

One run-down property is for sale and is zoned for high-density housing. It's worth an estimated $2.8 million – so could be snapped up by a foreign buyer under the Nats' plan.

"National's decision to allow foreign buyers back into the housing market will ultimately increase New Zealand house prices and make it harder for New Zealanders to buy homes," said Labour leader Chris Hipkins. 

Asked what impact overturning the foreign buyers ban could have on house prices in Queenstown, Luxon said wealthy people overseas who wanted to invest in New Zealand should be able to buy a house. 

Luxon is hoping he's the guy New Zealand will back to bounce back the economy.