Election 2023: Nelson Labour, National candidates play blame game over housing crisis

Labour and National's Nelson candidates are pointing the blame at each other for the housing crisis the region is battling.  

On Monday Labour's Nelson candidate Rachel Boyack and National's Blair Cameron joined AM's Ryan Bridge to talk about all things politics, where a fiery blame game ensued between the pair.  

Both candidates agree that the region is grappling with a housing shortage – but neither of them was willing to say their party's policies were what caused it.  

Boyack said "it's really tough out here" and she's concerned "that under the previous National government, they built another six community homes in nine years, we've built over 50 in the last couple of years". 

Cameron fired back saying "things are a lot worse" since Labour took office. 

"Nationally we have a housing waitlist that's up to 24,000, it was 6000 when Labour came into Government." 

Boyack was quick to interject: "Because you kicked everybody off the list!". 

"Look, we've had a massive failure at delivering houses in New Zealand under this Government," Cameron said. 

Boyack jumped in again saying "you sold state houses", before Bridge attempted to restore order.  

"We're gonna give Blair a shot here," Bridge said.  

Watch the moment above.