Election 2023: Newshub-Reid Research poll shows Kiwis don't think National can pay for tax cuts

National's economic credibility has taken a hit with Kiwis.

Our latest Newshub-Reid Research poll reveals a majority doesn't think the party can pay for its campaign centrepiece - tax cuts. 

Luxon simply cannot bear passing by a head without checking for hair. It conjures memories for one couple of an embarrassing trait of a former National leader.

"It might be following on from John Key with the ponytails," one woman said.

There's a lot of fun and games on the campaign trail.

But there's no fun and games when it comes to the finances.

National's been under an immense amount of pressure to release the modelling around its tax plan. It pledged to pay for tax cuts in part by introducing a foreign buyers tax bringing in $740 million.

Several economists have rubbished the numbers. 

Asked if he thought Kiwis believe National can pay for its tax cuts, Luxon said: "Absolutely yes."

"Yes Kiwis know that we can pay for our tax cuts."

But, no, they don't.

We asked in our latest Newshub-Reid Research poll, do you believe National can pay for its tax cuts?

A majority - 53.8 percent - said no, while only 29.9 percent thought they could.

The worse news is even 29.4 percent of National's own voters don't think they can pay for their tax cuts, though the majority does. 

Labour leader Chris Hipkins said National can "absolutely not" pay for their cuts.

"This fundamentally is an issue of trust. The National Party are saying, just trust us."

Luxon said he was "very confident" National can deliver low and middle-income tax relief. 

Luxon is totally confident in his tax cuts - but what happens if he needs Winston Peters.

Asked if he would let foreign buyers back if in Government with National, Peters said: "It looks like they will need far more than me to show a convincing spreadsheet that shows how it works because I can't find an economist who does think it will work."

Peters was playing coy on whether he'll let foreign buyers back in.

Asked again if he would let National do a foreign buyers tax, Peters didn't answer and walked off.

That's $740 million Luxon needs to find to pay for them without it.

"I am telling you, we will deliver tax relief for low and middle-income New Zealanders because they deserve it," Luxon said.

He said he was "absolutely" confident he could find the money.

"We are very confident in our assumptions."

He seems to be one of the few confident in National's numbers. 

Newshub polled on whether Kiwis care if National's numbers don't add up.

The vast majority 64.8 percent said yes we care, while 26.2 percent said nah, it doesn't matter. 

"What New Zealanders care about is getting tax relief," Luxon said.