Election 2023: Political commentators on who was victorious in minor party debate

  • 21/09/2023

The minor parties have battled it out in an explosive live debate – but who came out victorious? 

The potential kingmakers in the upcoming election – the Green Party, ACT, NZ First and Te Pāti Māori - went head-to-head on Newshub Nation's Powerbrokers' debate on Thursday night.

After the debate, Newshub political editor Jenna Lynch, NZ Herald senior writer Simon Wilson and NZME head of business Fran O'Sullivan discussed who they believed came out on top.

Both Lynch and Wilson agreed the Greens co-leader Marama Davidson was the stand-out performer in that debate.

"She was really on fire tonight, driving home her points and not sounding like they were rehearsed. She knew her policy well," Lynch said.

"I thought the defining moment came when Marama Davidson not just knew her policy, but actually used her body language, did everything to say Luxon's going to have to work with these two guys, we don't have trouble working together but look at them," Wilson said.

However, O'Sullivan said the winner was "Marama's eyebrows".

"She was enormously expressive and to the point," she said.

But O'Sullivan believed Davidson and Ngarewa-Packer had too much of a "bromance" and wanted to see them debate against each other.

Watch the full video above.