Election 2023: Taxpayers' Union says National 'bit ratty' about gatecrashed human hoarding event

The Taxpayers' Union says the National Party is a "bit ratty" with them after gatecrashing a human hoarding event on Tuesday morning.  

National Party candidates and supporters stood on the Petone esplanade waving hoardings at morning traffic and chanting party slogans on Tuesday.  

But The Taxpayers' Union crashed the National Party's party, bringing along a trailer with digital numbers outlining how much debt Aotearoa's Government owes. The group is asking political parties to "stop the clock". 

Taxpayers' Union co-founder Jordan Williams spoke with media at the event and, when asked, said he did not coordinate the appearance with National. 

The Union has traditionally taken aim more at left-leaning parties than right-leaning parties.

Following a conversation with a party press secretary Williams denied being asked that he and the Union members leave.

However, Williams told media National was a "bit ratty" with the Union for turning up.  

A short time after speaking with media, Williams then confronted Luxon with a microphone in his hand and began questioning the National Party leader.

A journalist asked if Luxon was happy about the Union turning up, but Luxon wouldn't say. 

"He's free to be wherever he wants to be, I think he's going around the country seeing lots of other parties." 

Asked if the party were "ratty" with the Union's appearance, Luxon said he's only "just run into Jordon now" but Williams blamed the "cold morning" for the supposed icy welcoming.  

Luxon was asked again if he was happy about the Union turning up but did not say. 

"I'm just going to carry on doing human hoardings if that’s okay?" Luxon said.  

Williams promised his 'debt clock' campaign will target every political party whenever it can and denied crashing National's party.  

Williams wrapped up his interview with Luxon then the pair shook hands.  

Watch the moment above for more.