Furious man in Donald Trump T-shirt shouts at Chris Hipkins during Auckland walkabout

A furious man whose restaurant was shut down during the COVID-19 pandemic made an enraged appearance at Chris Hipkins' walkabout in Auckland.

The Labour leader and several MPs visited the Avondale markets on Sunday morning, taking photos with some of those perusing stalls as they went.

Among the crowd was Brendon Pascoe, the former owner of Lone Star New Lynn. He said his business was forced to shut because he "didn't take an injection".

He was wearing a T-shirt referencing former US President Donald Trump. It had Trump's surname vertically, with each letter representing a letter spelling out the phrase, "truth really upsets most people".

Pascoe was blocked from approaching Hipkins by security and police.

"How dare you? You took my home and you took my business because I didn't take an injection. How fair is that?" Pascoe yelled at Hipkins.

"Now you want our votes? Screw you, Chris Hipkins. Treason, treason."

He then shouted, "Where is he", as Pascoe tried to find Hipkins in the crowd.

Pascoe then appeared to lunge at a police officer and stared him down before he started walking away.

"I'm lost for words guys. We can't let these people rule our country any longer, we can't have Labour do another term, we can't do it," he said.

Watch the video above.