Jenna Lynch analysis: National is finding itself with economic credibility issue

ANALYSIS: National can't answer the questions about its tax plans so finds itself with an economic credibility issue. 

The problem is that to keep their tax cut promises they need $3.1b by July next year. 

They've found $2.1 billion in savings or cuts and by moving government money around. The rest is from making new money through new taxes.

About $890 million - roughly third of it - is coming from its gambling tax and its foreign buyers tax. 

Both of those policies have big question marks hanging over them now. 

However, National won't even entertain the idea that they might have missed something despite tax experts telling them so.

National keeps telling us they can run the economy. Well, trust is earned. Get the tax right and we'll go from there.

Jenna Lynch is Newshub's Political Editor.