Lloyd Burr analysis: Christopher Luxon looks like he has something to hide as he dodges tax questions

ANALYSIS: Christopher Luxon looks like he will maintain his silence over many elements of his tax plan throughout the election campaign.

It's going to get old very fast, but while voters may get annoyed that we keep beating this drum, this comes down to transparency.

If Luxon wants to be Prime Minister, he can't act like he's a chief executive. This is a country, not a company.

He is accountable. He will be challenged. There will be hairy questions.

As hard as it gets, he can't just walk away like he did on Saturday.

Luxon is climbing in the polls. In the latest Newshub-Reid Research poll, National was past the 40 percent mark while Luxon himself matched Chris Hipkins in the preferred Prime Minister rankings.

The scrutiny on him is rightly going to get more intense.

He could just release his methodology - the spreadsheets - for his tax plans and get on with it. 

But it looks like he's got something to hide.

Lloyd Burr is a Newshub political reporter.