Te Pāti Māori says candidate Hana-Rāwhiti Maipi-Clarke's home invaded, vandalised in 'politically motivated attack'

  • 29/09/2023

Te Pāti Māori says its candidate Hana-Rāwhiti Maipi-Clarke's home has been invaded and vandalised in a "politically motivated attack".

Maipi-Clarke, 21, is an expert in maramataka, the Māori lunar calendar, and is standing as Te Pāti Māori's candidate for Hauraki-Waikato.

It comes amid accusations of racism and race-baiting on the campaign trail, with Māori leaders calling for an end to dog-whistling and racial division.

On Friday evening Te Pāti Māori put out a statement saying "a line was crossed".

"Our Hauraki-Waikato candidate, Hana-Rāwhiti Maipi-Clarke's home was invaded, vandalised, and left with a threatening letter. This premeditated and targeted attack is the latest of three incidents to take place at Hana's home just this week," they said.

"To our knowledge, this is the first time in our history that a politician's home and personal property has been invaded to this extent.

"This escalation of danger is what happens when right-wing politicians race-bait and fearmonger for votes. They have emboldened this type of behaviour. Now it is time we embolden ourselves."

Maipi-Clarke was on The Hui on Friday night for a debate with Labour's Nanaia Mahuta where she spoke out about the issue.

"This is my message. To the people who ram-raided my house. Who came into my house and threatened me.

"To the people who came and vandalised my fence. Don't be scared because the kōhanga reo generation are here, and we have a huge movement and a huge wave of us coming through," Maipi-Clarke told host Julian Wilcox.

"I'm not scared and I'm not fearful. I'm here to be a courage and here to be a light and a māramatanga (enlightenment) for us, that we belong in these places. Kia ora."

Police have been contacted for comment.