Election 2023: AM hosts slam bizarre reactions from ousted Labour MPs Jan Tinetti, Dan Rosewarne

AM hosts have hit out at some ousted Labour MPs for their bizarre reactions, saying some of the comments were "embarrassing".   

Labour was thumped at Saturday's election, which saw them receive just under 27 percent of the vote compared to National's 38.99 percent.   

The party only has two new Members of Parliament, while 32 MPs are considering what the future holds.  

And it's the comments by some of the 32 that have attracted the ire of the AM hosts on Tuesday morning.   

One MP that the AM hosts hit out at was former Education Minister Jan Tinetti.   

"You might think I'm looking relaxed now because I felt a weight has been lifted off me at the same time," Tinetti, who failed to win Tauranga but might make it back into Parliament on the list ranking, said on Monday.   

Those comments didn't go down well with AM co-host Laura Tupou.   

"I don't know, it's such an important job... don't you want that job because you want to make a change? She's a former principal," she questioned.   

AM newsreader Nicky Styris said it sounded like the job was a "burden" for Tinetti.   

It wasn't just Tinetti that caught the ire of the AM hosts. Former Labour list MP based in North Canterbury Dan Rosewarne was mourning the loss of the perks that came with the job.  

"The biggest thing for me was, you know, going into the Koru Lounge and then the red lights of doom go off because your Koru Club has been cancelled. All about moving from champagne to lemonade," Rosewarne said on Monday.  

This left the AM hosts shocked with Bridge questioning if the comments were "real" and "who is that guy, I've never seen him before in my life".   

"Oh my lord that is embarrassing, sorry," Bridge said.   

"It's just didn't sit right watching that," Tupou added.   

Styris was shocked by Rosewarne's comments saying he should be proud of his job.   

"It shouldn't matter whether you're in the government or on the opposition bench you've got a job to do, be proud of that. Get on with it and do it, don't be moaning about losing your Koru membership," she said.   

Bridge added Labour MPs shouldn't be moaning about losing their perks "especially when you consider the state the country is in right now, perhaps that's why people voted them out". 

Watch the full moment above in the video.