Election 2023: Christopher Luxon promises to release coalition agreement, remains tight-lipped on negotiations

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon is continuing to remain tight-lipped around coalition negotiations but when everything is locked in, he's promised to release the agreement to the public.   

Luxon has followed in the footsteps of ACT leader David Seymour who told AM on Tuesday he also had "no problem" in releasing the coalition agreement.  

New Zealanders won't get any details until all the special votes are counted and the final election results are released.  

Luxon – the National Party leader – joined AM on Wednesday morning and continued to be tight-lipped about how coalition talks were progressing.   

He's consistently told media he wants to do things "very differently" and believes having negotiations through the media isn't a "good way to deal with it".  

It comes as Seymour revealed on AM on Tuesday he and NZ First's Winston Peters haven't spoken with each other since the election result.  

Peters and his party may be necessary for National and ACT to form a government as the right bloc is expected to lose at least one seat in the final results. 

Luxon was asked about Seymour and Peters lack of contact and whether that is normal but continued to be tight-lipped.     

"I'm working with the individual parties involved. I want to build goodwill and respect on all sides," he said.   

"I think it's important we get a foundation of good chemistry, of good trust, of good relationships in place."  

But AM co-host Ryan Bridge quickly chipped in saying there would be "no chemistry if they haven't even spoken".   

"We've got a process in place, trust the process," Luxon said.  

The conversation then turned to whether Luxon would follow in the footsteps of Seymour and release the coalition agreement  

When the time comes and a coalition deal has been struck, Bridge asked if Luxon would commit to releasing the coalition agreement in full.  

It comes after the 2017 Labour coalition Government held its 33-page coalition document under lock and key. 

This meant it was not able to be requested for release under the Official Information Act.  

Bridge asked if he would promise to release the coalition documents and if the public could expect that level of transparency.   

"I think we should make those coalition agreements publicly available. I think that's important but again, at the moment my focus is on forming a strong, stable government," he replied.   

"I think the coalition agreement should be made available to the public... but what I'm saying is at the end, it should be very transparent and available to the New Zealand public exactly what's been committed to, I think it's important." 

Watch the full interview with Christopher Luxon in the video above.