Election 2023: Electoral Commission confirms iconic election merch no longer available in New Zealand

  • 02/10/2023

The Electoral Commission has confirmed some iconic election merch is no longer available in New Zealand - although there is a workaround for Kiwis.

The iconic Orange Guy and his dog Pup are our election mascots, and previously election stickers with the Orange Guy and the message 'I voted' have been made available to Kiwis at the voting booth.

But this year, the public has been left disappointed by the stickers' shock absence, with many only learning they won't be available via a quietly-posted social media reply.

"Kia ora, we will no longer be providing stickers at elections. However, you can use the digital ones from GIPHY if you would like or search 'votenz' in your gif selection tool," the Electoral Commission wrote in response to a Twitter question.

However, one very famous Kiwi was able to get her hands on the stickers - former Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Ardern voted overseas in New York, posting to Instagram that flash-flooding wasn't enough to stop her getting her vote in.

She shared her proof with a sweet sticker haul, which led to some Kiwis questioning how Ardern was able to get her hands on them.

"We are aware that some overseas voting places still have stickers leftover from the 2017 General Election," the Electoral Commission responded to another message.

"However, these are old stock and our old branding, and we will not be providing them at voting places in Aotearoa New Zealand."

The absence of the stickers here has left some Kiwis fuming, with one calling it a "personal attack" and another saying it's now the "Worst. Election. Ever."

"Bring back the bloody stickers electoral commission," one person posted.

"Not going to lie, I was a little disappointed to find out this morning there were no stickers," another wrote. "Seemed like a great way to remind other people to vote."

Several others called for the public to create 'knockoff orange man stickers' instead.

"Does it violate election rules to create 'I voted' stickers bc NZ small businesses [have a look]," was one quote-tweet.