Election 2023: New Zealand First's 47 most interesting (and bizarre) policies

With just a few sleeps until the final election results are known, National and ACT will be going through New Zealand First's policy manifesto to prepare for Winston Peters' demands.    

While he's not needed to form a government under the preliminary results, he will be needed if the National-ACT bloc loses just one seat in the specials.    

The three parties have quite a bit in common and we've collated a list of their policy crossovers which you can read here.    

But there's also some more radical policies that range from conspiratorial and bizarre to rather interesting.   

Here's a list of those policies:     

Foreign Policy    

Require a national interest test to stop us being dictated to by the United Nations and agencies like the World Health Organization   

Defund any public participation in the World Economic Forum and related bodies, where their deliberations intend the removal of independent democratic decision making by sovereign nations   


NZ First has studied the Irish Celtic Tiger success along with the successes of Singapore and Iceland and believe these are much more sound models than economic experimentalism - already tried in New Zealand and failed.   


Remove all woke investment rules   

Create a Crown guarantee for Tier-1 capital to expand New Zealand owned registered banks so that at least one could become New Zealand local and central government's banker   


Establish a Crown Owned Company with the Port of Auckland and Northport to relocate operations to Northport and realise real value from prime real estate in Auckland   

Build a dry dock at Marsden Point to service domestic and international shipping needs and to support our Navy Vessels. This includes establishing a Fuel Security Plan to safeguard our transport and logistics systems and emergency services from any international or domestic disruption.   


Force the generators to divest themselves of retail, while enabling the local lines businesses to enter retail as well as to generate electricity to increase competition and supply; especially with water storage   

Investigate the reopening of the Marsden Point Oil Refinery to regain sovereignty over our own fuel security   


NZ First will legislate to make the lowest tax bracket (currently $14,000 pa) of income tax-free no later than 1 April 2027; providing an extra $28.27 a-week for workers.   


NZ First will make groceries cheaper and introduce real choice, by forcing the supermarket duopoly to divest themselves of their distribution centres and cool-stores   


Hard working taxpayers expect more so we will make two-years the lifetime entitlement for the JobSeeker WorkReady benefit - presently numbering over 99,000 New Zealanders.   

Race Relations   

New Zealand means New Zealand and not, 'Aotearoa New Zealand.'    

Legislate to make English the primary official language of New Zealand.    

All public service departments, Crown Entities and SOEs will be required to communicate in English except those specifically related to Māori.   

Rule out working with any political party that promotes separatism.    

Withdraw from the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) as it removes the rights of New Zealand citizens to write their own laws.   

Repeal the Local Electoral (Māori Wards and Māori Constituencies) Amendment Act.   

Gender issues   

Amend the Building Act, to require in the interest and safety of women and girls, that all public sector organisations provide separate, clearly demarcated, unisex and single sex bathrooms   

Amend the Sport and Recreation New Zealand Act to remove public funding from bodies that allow non-biological women to be selected unequally against biological women.   


New Zealand First is going to focus on education and not parent-unmandated indoctrination    

Review the New Zealand curriculum to remove critical race theory and de-colonialism   

Remove gender ideology from the curriculum   


End all vaccine mandates, still operating in some organisations and medical facilities, and hold a credible fully independent Inquiry into New Zealand's Covid-19 Response   


Ensure a diagnosis is available in hours not days of patient testing. This will save enormous medical costs and expedite the speed and number of patient referrals.   

NZ First will end MedSafe waste, and instead commit New Zealand to enter into mutual recognition agreements, so that any medicine becomes registered here when approved by any two peer regulators. Those two peer regulators will prioritise: The US Food and Drug Administration, European Medicines Agency, UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Health Canada, Singapore's Health Sciences Authority, or Australia's Health Administration.   

Justice and Corrections   

Establish a 'Gang only' Prison to reduce recruitment of non-gang prisoners - there are a suspected 3000 gang members in prison currently, with 2000 spare beds. There is existing space within the current system, with existing gang member prisoners, to isolate them in a specific isolated prison.    

Implement 'prisoner-constructed prison portability units policy' so that the costs of labour on such construction will be removed from the taxpayer to the prisoners themselves – as already happens in some overseas jurisdictions.   

Designate Gangs as 'Terrorist Organisations' under the Terrorism Suppression Act   

Fund tattoo removal for rehabilitated gang members in prison - whilst assigning that cost back to that prisoner if they replace those tattoos with other gang associated tattoos.   

Introduce a 'degrees of murder' regime that utilises 'life for life' for First Degree Murder.   

Senior Citizens    

The age of retirement will remain at 65 years. No ifs, buts, or maybes.   

Immediately fund 2,000 new standard residential care beds over the next term of Parliament   

Undertake a Select Committee inquiry into fully funded aged care   

Media, film and gaming.    

Royal Commission of Inquiry into media independence in New Zealand.   

Respond to Canberra trying to poach our games industry with a 40 percent refundable tax offset for eligible games developers spending at least $600,000 on qualifying New Zealand game development expenditure from 1 July 2024.   

Support the film and game development industries to level the playing field with other countries through a 40 percent refundable tax offset for eligible spending.   


'Waka Kotahi" to become "New Zealand Transport Agency" once again, and end the "Boat on the Road" nonsense   

Rebuild the inshore fishing vessel fleet through government-backed loans for owner-operated vessels up to 24 metres and built within New Zealand   

No roads to be privatised or corporatised   


New Zealand First will work towards greater parity with raceday prize money in NSW, so that sound investment is the outcome and no longer a costly hobby. There was a time in New Zealand Racing where winning just one race would pay for the cost of the horse for the next twelve months. That must not go on being a distant nostalgic prospect   

New Zealand First believes that in a computerised age, the administrative costs in this industry are far too high. These costs must be addressed so that the most critical person in the racing industry, the owner, gets a much fairer go   


New Zealand First will prepare a bid to hold the 2026 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch.   


Require government, central and local, procurement to specify natural fibres over those made from oil.   


Halt creation of any new landfills and urgently advance work on the development of rubbish disposal alternatives through conducting a nationwide recycling and recovery strategy    

Develop a nationwide Waste-to-Energy strategy.   


Establish a 'New Zealand Native Tree Seed Bank' and support greater use of 'Native Tree Sanctuaries'