Election 2023: Newshub Nation's political party leader interviews with TOP, National, Labour, ACT, The Greens, and Te Pāti Māori

Newshub Nation co-host Simon Shepherd interviewed Prime Minister Chris Hipkins last month.
Newshub Nation co-host Simon Shepherd interviewed Prime Minister Chris Hipkins last month. Photo credit: Newshub Nation

Newshub Nation hosts Simon Shepherd and Rebecca Wright have been interviewing leaders from the major political parties in the build-up to 2023's election, so here they all are for you to watch in full if you want more information to help make up your mind. 

Advance voting opened on Monday. People can enrol to vote, find voting locations, and view political parties' candidate lists on the Electoral Comission's website

Te Pāti Māori co-leader Rawiri Waititi - 6th May

Waititi spoke with Rebecca Wright about Meka Whaitiri's defection from Labour, and how far Te Pāti Māori will go to become the powerbrokers this election. 

The Opportunities Party leader Raf Manji - 17th June

Manji sat down with Simon Shepherd to discuss his immigrant background, universal basic income, land tax, and he also revealed TOP's plans for an AI candidate.

Green Party co-leader James Shaw - 1st July

Shaw sat down with Rebecca Wright for an extended interview discussing the urgency he feels for climate action, his loss of leadership in 2022, and whether he will stay in Parliament if the Greens are not part of the next Government. 

ACT leader David Seymour - 5th August

Seymour, who could be New Zealand's next Deputy Prime Minister, sat down with Simon Shepherd and went into depth on ACT's policy surrounding health, tax, and race relations.

Labour leader Chris Hipkins - 2nd September

Fighting the battle of his political life, Hipkins sat down with Simon Shepherd to discuss negative campaign messaging, taxes, and recovery from COVID-19. 

National leader Christopher Luxon - 16th September

Rebecca Wright asked Luxon about National's foreign buyers tax policy, the criticism he's faced, his leadership in this election contest, and coalition talks with NZ First leader Winston Peters.

NZ First leader Winston Peters - 30th September

Rebecca Wright asked Peters about the racism allegations being levied against his party by Labour leader Chris Hipkins in Newshub's Leaders Debate. They also discussed his policy bottom lines during coalition negotiations and Peters was very clear about his disdain for the media coverage of NZ First during campaign season.

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