ACT's David Seymour says 'logical possibility' of party sitting on crossbenches

David Seymour has not ruled out ACT sitting on Parliament's crossbenches instead of entering a coalition with National and NZ First. 

The official election results were released on Friday, showing National and ACT would need NZ First to govern. The three parties are currently undergoing coalition negotiations but, speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, the ACT Party leader has not taken a confidence-only type arrangement off the cards. 

"That is still a logical possibility. We reserve the right to represent our voters and do what we see is being best for New Zealand, and that can have a number of different ways of fitting together," Seymour told host Simon Shepherd.  

"Our strong preference is a stable united Government with National and the people are asking us to form one with NZ First so that hasn't changed at all, it remains just as relevant as ever." 

Seymour previously floated the idea of resorting to a confidence-only deal back in August. It would mean while ACT would support the forming of a Government, National and NZ First would have to seek ACT's backing for all Government spending or "supply" decisions on a case-by-case basis. 

Seymour made the comments after National ruled out some of ACT's policies, including repealing the Zero Carbon Act and the proposal for a referendum on Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty of Waitangi principles. 

At the time, Luxon said that type of agreement was "not going to happen" and Seymour was "bluffing". 

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