Election 2023: Christopher Luxon secures coalition Government for New Zealand, but one more sleep for final details 

New Zealand, we have a deal.   

But you'll have to wait one more sleep to find out what your new Government looks like.   

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has announced the three coalition parties have come to "comprehensive agreement" about a government programme for the next three years.   

There are few details now but he promised a more fulsome announcement on Friday, including the unveiling of ministerial positions - and the new Parliament will start work on December 5.   

He said during the negotiations the three leaders have got to know each other very well and they are "really excited"   

But it's still not known who the deputy Prime Minister will be.   

Turning up to a Thursday afternoon press conference, Luxon said: "I'm pleased to announce we've concluded our negotiations"."    

Luxon is the flick of a few pens away from becoming the 42nd Prime minister of Aotearoa New Zealand.  

"It’s historic and we'll reveal more about it tomorrow but it's important - that's why we’ve spent so much time getting it right," he said.  

The three have agreed - now the boards need to check the workings and it's all go.   

"Every party has to make concessions in order to form a coalition Government," Luxon said.   

Earlier on Friday, ain't nothing was gonna break Luxon's stride - not even the lack of a deal.   

"What a glorious start to the day," he said, entering Parliament's grounds.    

"We're getting really close a couple of calls to make and hopefully we’ll close it all out."   

Asked if there would be a deal, Seymour said: "I certainly hope so. I am very happy with the way things are going. I see no reason for there not to be. Until it is signed on the bottom line, I am just another guy saying I hope it happens very soon."

Forty days on from vote casting, New Zealand First MP and prophet Shane Jones promised biblical feats.   

"There is that great line from Exodus: Forty days and 40 nights, up in the mountain and the covenant emerge and the commandments were written. So, it is probably the day."   

Politicians jumped aboard any available flight to the capital on Wednesday night with big promises.   

Luxon said he was back to "bring it home".   

But come morning, there was a missing Winston-sized puzzle piece.   

Eventually, he made the trek to Wellington. But he refused to answer any questions initially.    

Then later, he emerged with a major development - negotiations were over.   

The final hurdle was who got the 2IC job. Peters wouldn't give anything away but he said New Zealand had never had co-deputy Prime Ministers.   

Newshub understands the possibility of sharing the deputy prime ministership was part of the negotiations.   

Seymour confirmed taking turns had been floated.   

By the time the negotiations concluded, he was still coy on whether he's got it.   

"In the future, that will be revealed when the details come out," Seymour said.    

The outgoing Government, meanwhile, is keen to move on.    

"[After] 40 days, I think New Zealanders are ready to know what the shape of their next government is going to be now," said outgoing Prime Minister Chris Hipkins.    

One heck of a black Friday deal is to be announced tomorrow.